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ADWS GLOBAL LTD is an international Engineering Firm based in UK creating platforms to upgrade all armoured wheeled or tracked vehicles with the RMTS, an advanced lightweight digital turret system using the latest technology from British suppliers

The ADWS Global Ltd turret systems are manufactured in Sheffield, UK.

Both the RMTS and ART are lightweight, fully stabilized turret platforms offering a modern, long term solution to new and aging vehicle fleets. The system is designed to last 20-30 years with digital upgrades and will outlast most vehicles.

There are 2 types of systems curently in Service today around the Globe: The 30mm Remote Multipurpose Turret System (RMTS) and the 12.7mm Advanced Remote Turret (ART), both of which are successfully operated in the Middle East on a variety of 6x6 and 4x4s, both cope well under the extreme summer temperatures.

The slipring mounts: 4 video channels, 2 CAN channels, 1 ethernet, 64 Discretes, 500 Amps, 28 VDC and can be easily upgraded as technology and/or user requirements change.

The bolt on/off mounts enable different calibre 30mm, 25mm, 50 cal, + coaxial 7.62 + 40mm GL , exchange, and still manages increased accuracy and lethality for on the move firing up to 2km.

Feedshoots are inside the turret but all toxic gasses are prevented from entering the body of the vehicle by efficient seals that also effectively block sand, water and gas.

Joystick controls are easy to use, screens including training and Real Time Video Link back to Command HQ are standard throughout.

Less Weight and LESS COSTLY than Competitors models, both of the ADWS systems are available and can be easily adapted to create a bespoke solution . ADWS Global is a privately owned company with lower than average overheads reflected in the price

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